Trying to break into the Gaming Industry? We cannot fund a permanent position at this time, but we can help you get your name out there!

Byte Me Games, LLC is just getting off the ground, and as a result, we have little to no funding. We are, however, capable of releasing video games to the marketplace and we will be more than happy to lavish you with praise, recommendations and credit for the work you do for us.

This is your opportunity to see what the ground floor looks like in a Video Game Development Studio!

3D Modeling Artist

We need several Science Fiction images. Military Spacewarfare is the theme for 3 factions: Human, Alien and Androids


  • 3D Modelling and Skinning
  • Knowledge of Unity and/or Blender3D applications
  • Must be creative and not afraid to improve upon and introduce new ideas
  • Passion for video game development.
  • Good written and oral communication.

Art Requirements