Corporate Invasion

Currently being Design

The business world is a tough, dog-eat-dog world and you have decided to create a business in the middle of a corporate war zone. You will have to recruit employees, improve and sell your product line and fend off other corporations as they attempt to take over your territory, clients and business partners.

  • The Player

    The player takes on the role of CEO. The CEO will be tasked with managing the corporation and gain influence with the surrounding businesses.

  • Employees

    There are several classifications of employees that will have specified roles. Recruiters will be sent out to find talented employees, Marketing Associates will increase the sales of the corporations product, Accountants will aid in reducing spending, and several others will help with the player's strategy.


    Several other players and NPC controlled CEOs will attempt to thwart the player's influence with surrounding businesses, interrupt daily work flows and recruit the player's employees to their side.

The player will send key employees to the surrounding businesses to increase influence and gain benefits from those businesses. Various businesses will grant benefits based on the level of influence with the player's corporation. Each employee will have a specific task they can use to interact with the business. Each task will take a varied amount of time, depending on the size of the task and the level of the employee, and the time will be based on real time.

Players will also be able to upgrade on-site and off-site buildings to increase the benefits provided. Upgrades will take place in real time with the option of purchasing speed ups with real money. Some benefits include increasing the value of the product, creating business partnerships with other players for assisting, increasing morale and productivity of employees and many more.

The game is currently slated for Flash.

Design Document : 25% Complete

Pitch Document : 50% Complete

Pre-Alpha : 0% Complete

Alpha : 0% Complete

Pre-Beta : 0% Complete

Beta : 0% Complete

Release : 0% Complete

Nothing is planned at this time.

Images from Corporate Invasion

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals