Evonas(Working Title)

Currently in unversioned Alpha

Evonas(Evolution + Natural Selection) will be 3D MMO God/Nature Simulation game, similiar to Spore, but working with the guide lines of how we understand evolution, rather than creationism.

Unlike the game Spore, creatures in Evonas will evolve according to what player chooses to do in game with the creature, as in eating food, fight/flight, living areas etc., rather than creating your creature in the beginning. You will start out as a single cell organism and work your way from there. How you lead your creature in everyday life, will slowly evolve your creature in certain ways. Once the first evolution happens, player will get access to their Evolutionary Tree & each evolution there after will add a branch/path, that the player can view, to see what they did or didn't do for that change to happen.

This game will follow as closely as possible to what we know today in that field of study. And since it is an MMO, there will be a large world to explore, and other players to align with or defend against.

This game will have strong re-playability, for one small thing done differently, can change the way your creature evolves. Also, Although this game is not specifically designed to be an educational game, it can be used as such.

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Design Document : 25% Complete
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Pre-Alpha : 10% Complete
Alpha : 0% Complete
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Images from Evonas

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals