Hard Drive (Working Title)

Currently in unversioned Alpha

Hard Drive is planed to be a Science Fiction/Fantasy, 3rd person, MMO adventure game where player completes quests throughout game that requires them to travel through space from one planetary system to another. There are plans for a mini game that will also require player to maintain ships functions.

Quests given to player, might include transporting goods/cargo from point A to B and player must avoid random encounters, space debris & other players. Classes or types of players will vary. For example a player could choose to be a space pirate and could infiltrate your ship, in attempts to steal cargo.

The mini game is intended to allow the player to fix the inter workings of ship on the micro level

Player will be given options to create the looks of their avatar through a Paper Doll with certain limits, this will determine what plant they will start at.

Not listed at this time

Design Document : 25% Complete
Pitch Document : 0% Complete
Pre-Alpha : 10% Complete
Alpha : 0% Complete
Pre-Beta : 0% Complete
Beta : 0% Complete
Release : 0% Complete

Images from Hard Drive

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals