Version 1.0 released April 3rd, 2015

Davlamin Soundinghorn is an ambitious lord over the land of Juoocor. His scholars discovered a series of ancient tablets and spent several months trying to decipher the language. After many failed attempts and wild guesses, Davlamin found the ruins of an ancient temple in the forest of Uragog. The temple he found was the last known gateway to the heavens. The walls of the temple revealed that there was alternate routes to the heavens.

In his search of the pathways to heaven, Davlamin discovers the relics of Kolor. Upon opening the chest, he is launched into the sky with the Kolorcubez that were inside and he has to decipher the patterns on the cubes to complete his quest.

Kolorcubez is a game where the player jumps from one cube to another. Every jump cycles the cube until it reaches the final color. The path falls away as the final color is revealed. The player has a set range in which they can jump and will fall if they try jumping to a square outside of that range. The range is not visible but after a few trial and error attempts, the player will know how far they can jump.

Enemies will attempt to slow the player's progress in many ways. The first enemy will reset the cycle by one iteration as they move to each cube. The second enemy will knock the player off the cube and into the clouds below, resulting in a lost life. Other enemies will confuse the player, randomly teleport the player and destroy blocks and power ups.

The player will have access to power ups that will grant invulnerability, increase jump range, increase life total and show jump range. Power ups will appear randomly on the board for a brief time then disappear.

The player will have a target score they need to reach to complete the level. Each level played will become increasingly more difficult, depending on the players score and how well they do.

Kolorcubez has been designed for Game Maker Studio. Visual assets will be stored in .png format and and animations are controlled by Game Maker Studio based on a sprite sheet.

Sounds and music will be packaged with the game as external files located in the main directory.

## Polish ##

  • Update tutorial sequence with images (Page Flipping Type)
  • Create story screen elements:
  •     - Kolor images

        - Davlamin Images

        - Comic book style

        - Some animations

  • Create a better stage completion/failure transition
  •     - Pause when complete/failure

        - Zoom in message from center stage

  • Improve quality of Images and Animations:
  •     - Chukky

        - Clockwork Beetle

        - Krakken:

            - Attack

            - Support

        - Landmine

        - Pod

        - Slime

        - Armored Slime

        - Slime Queen

  • Optimize Image files
  • Optimize Audio files
  • ## Chrome ##

  • Create Teleporting powerup
  • Create Grapple Hook item
  • Create enemy emitter
  • Create more enemies with unique abilities:
  •     - Cube Destroying Enemies:

            - Ghost (Fades then destroys cubez)

            - Demon (Lights cubez on fire then destroys)

  • Create more items
  • Update Credits page
  • Create and options menu:
  •     - Create slider bars for music and sound levels

  • Set cube to spin after slimes leave the cube
  • ## BUG LIST ##

  • Dagger attack continually attacks landmine (due to landmine not disappearing immediately)
  • Player falls when attacking Krakken
  • Kolorcubez is part of the Legacy of Pernassau series and we want to make it better. We will port Kolorcubez into flash and change the gameplay to an RPG styled genre with items, combat and other awesome elements!

    Images from Kolorcubez

    Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals