Legends of Pernassau

Currently in unversioned Alpha

The realm of Pernassau is in chaos. The immortals have decided that the rulers of the land are no longer capable of making the best decisions for the citizens and have taken upon themselves to seize control. War has gripped Pernassau and the Immortals blame everyone except themselves. Can you bring them to their senses or will you be known as the legend that failed Pernassau?

The Legends of Pernassau contains several mini-games, each with a specific purpose in relation to how the player advances through the game. The player’s attributes will be determined at the time of creation. The player will have Elemental Mana (Air, Fire, Water, etc.) that are dependent on Class and Physical attribute (Strength, Intellect, Wisdom, etc.). The player can use skills if they have gathered the proper amount of Mana, which is gained in combat or replenished with potions, items and such.

The player will explore the realm of Pernassau like a typical 80s Roleplaying game, top down view of the terrain. The player will randomly encounter monsters and be forced to fight or flee. Combat will be a series of mini-games that will be determined by range.

Throughout the Legends of Pernassau, various mini-games will be associated with a variety of actions, such as enchanting, quick travel, item crafting, buying and selling items, etc. These mini-games will have a skill associated with them that will level up as the player uses them.

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Design Document : 25% Complete
Pitch Document : 100% Complete
Pre-Alpha : 10% Complete
Alpha : 0% Complete
Pre-Beta : 0% Complete
Beta : 0% Complete
Release : 0% Complete

A mobile application could be developed that will allow the mini-games to connect to the central database that allows the players to develop their skills while they are mobile. The free version of the mobile application will allow the player to play basic mini-games, whereas the paid subscription would allow a queue system for crafting items and more advanced mini-games.

Images from Legends of Pernassau

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals