Monstrous Elements

Currently in Pre-Alpha

In the year 4044, the natural environment no longer exists. Nature and technology now maintain a symbiotic relationship. Technomancers create the environment by programming forests, rivers and mountains with specialized microchips that direct nanobots to emulate and create natural occurrences.

The only natural beings in existence on the planet Golganna are humans. Planets are created by a computer program and only have breathable air and an atmosphere until the Technomancers arrive and start their programming sequence. The player joins the game 1 year into the development of Golganna.

Golganna is still under development and had a few setbacks early on. The longest delay stalled programming by 3 weeks while the Technomancers reprogrammed the atmosphere to adapt to Golganna's 4 suns. The 4th sun was not present at the time of the placement of Golganna.

The player was born on Earth and his/her father is one of the Technomancers tasked with programming Golganna's environment. The player's father implores the player to explore the world and to observe how the world is created.

Monstrous Elements is a monster training role playing game designed for story immersion and humorous adventures. Monsters are based off of the periodic table and will have names similar to the actual elements they represent, such as Oxygen’s monster is called the Oxprey, Hydrogen’Players will collect items, breed and train monsters for combat and explore the gaming world.

The player will use the mouse to move around the map and attack NPC monsters. The player is accompanied by their entourage of monsters, up to 5, that will aid the player in a variety of roles, such as tank, support, healer, etc. The monsters will be controlled by AI and the player will have minimal control over the monsters. The player will be able to attack creatures, interact with the world and talk to NPCs with the mouse. Players that use ranged weapons will be able to press and hold shift to stand in place for attacking.

Each area in the world will have different objectives, such as level and item grinding, quest completion or more functional objectives such as interacting with NPCs to purchase, sell and train their monsters.

There will be a tutorial in the beginning of a new game to familiarize the player with interactions and how to move around the world. Several points in the game will start the tutorial mode, such as creating a new character, first attempts at combat and first time breeding monsters. For veteran players, the tutorial will have a skip option. The player will learn the basic functionality of the game, starting with pet breeding, as Chance gives the player his/her first DNA microchip.

Initially, Monstrous Elements was designed as a Flash game for browser based gameplay. During the documentation of the design, a more robust programming language may be required.

The following list is the software needed to develop as a flash game:

    Adobe CS6:
  • Flash
  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop
    Other Programs:
  • NetBeans
  • SQL Workbench
  • Notepad++

All visual elements will be contained in 1 Flash Formatted file and exported.

Design Document : 25% Complete

Pitch Document : 90% Complete

Pre-Alpha : 0% Complete

Alpha : 0% Complete

Pre-Beta : 0% Complete

Beta : 0% Complete

Release : 0% Complete

If flash is possible, multiplayer capabilities will be the focus. If another application becomes a better choice, mechanics will be the focus and multiplayer capabilities will be the secondary focus.

Images from Monstrous Elements

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals