The Artificer

Currently being Designed

The Artificer is a real time puzzle action adventure game that follows the story of an Artificer that has been banished to Hell. He is determined to escape and must craft tools, collect items and defeat enemies and bosses to gain access to better items and other rooms. In this fast paced game, it is up to the player to complete the levels and overcome obstacles to progress the story and to unlock new levels and rooms.

  • Dogo Grindsteel(Gnome Artificer)

    As an Artificer in the kingdom of Juoocor, Dogo spent most of his life tinkering and creating mystical artifacts. He is well known and respected throughout Juoocor as one of the best in his profession. When he is not roaming the land in search of rare materials, he runs a Tinkerer Workshop.

  • Bartlebey, the Demon King(Soul Demon King)

    Bartlebey is a Soul Demon that has an interest in ruling over Pernassau and its denizens. Bartlebey has several plans in place for a hostile takeover. The ruler of Pernassau, Phlaw the Immortal, has several well place protection sigils that keep Bartlebey from travelling to Pernassau. As a result, Bartlebey has created several demon gates to deploy his demonic armies from the underworld, when the time is right.

The Artificer is a Castlevania (NES Era) clone. Primarily a platform sidescroller, there are also elements of problem solving using various in game tools and a “Seek and Find” Mini-Game that is important to the crafting system.

Dogo will be faced with a myriad of puzzles and traps. Each puzzle may have more than one way to solving it that will be hinted to the player in the early stages of the game. As the player progresses, hints will be fewer and gameplay will rely on the players previous experiences with the obstacles in other levels

Enemies will have a variety of attacks, AI options and defensive benefits. The player will have to navigate around enemies, or destroy the enemies when they have the tools to do so.

All the rooms in the game are connected to adjacent rooms which will be displayed on the world map screen. Some rooms will be secret and require various tools before the player can pass by them.

The game is currently slated for Flash or C#, depending on level of intricacy and need for control. The graphics will be a series of 2D side scrolling images, with some scenes that have a parallax background. Both IDEs can handle this effectively, the primary determining factor is the game's frame rate and loading times.

Design Document : 10% Complete

Pitch Document : 75% Complete

Pre-Alpha : 0% Complete

Alpha : 0% Complete

Pre-Beta : 0% Complete

Beta : 0% Complete

Release : 0% Complete

Nothing is planned at this time. Expansions are a possibility but not anticipating a need for them.

Images from The Artificer

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals