Tower Defense Quest

Unversioned Alpha and prototype

The world of Pernassau (Pern-Uh-Sow) has been somewhat peaceful for 250 years during the rule of the Immortal King, Phlaw. You are a Knight of the House of Kallormene, the highest order of Knights in Phlaw's kingdom. It is your duty to protect the realm and aid in keeping peace in the land of Pernassau.

One day, Phlaw mysteriously vanished without a trace. Two months after Phlaw's disappearance, the Demon King, Bartlebey sent his armies to harass the realms. It has been one year since the disappearance of Phlaw and you have been managing the realm. The country of Eblmye now wishes to go to war with Juoocor in attempts to expand the Desert Princess' kingdom. Several of the other countries are preparing to withdraw from the kingdom in order to establish their own kingdoms.

You have decided that it was in Phlaw's best interest to secure the kingdom and ensure the fealty of all the countries rulers. As you were planning your campaign, the kingdom fell into revolt and its citizens fell to various attacks from the Demon Army as well as the country royalty attempting to seize more territory for themselves. The realms have fragmented, peace is no longer known in the world of Pernassau.

    Rulers of Pernassau:

  • Davlamin Soundinghorn
    Race: Gnome
    Land: Caoassau - Temperate with light forests and plains

    Davlamin is an aggressive lord that values justice among all other virtues. His laws are enforced by an elite group of military veterans known as the Blue Masks.

  • Freyros "The Defender" Destinaxe
    Race: Dwarf
    Land: Juoocor

    Freyros is one of five dwarven brothers, eldest twin to Fruros that descend from the dwarven royalty of Pernassau. The Destinaxe legacy is full of warlords, champions and rulers. Freyros and his brother Fruros were the next in line for the throne of Juoocor. The brothers were driven apart when the time came for Freyros to assume the throne. Freyros’ empire sets a high value on the working population, especially the smithies and miners.

  • Fruros "The Rampager" Destinaxe
    Race: Dwarf
    Land: Usharia

    After Fruros left the kingdom of Juoocor, he set out to establish a school that trained in the ancient arts of dwarven combat. He found the ideal environment for his school in Usharia. Shortly after opening his school, the land fell into chaos. He was recruited as a trainer for the Usharia Militia and rapidly rose through the ranks due to his combat prowess. After several years, Fruros took advantage of a military takeover of Usharia and led the militia to victory, thus claiming the throne.

  • Gefaris "The Wretched" Dragonsbane
    Race: Frost Orc
    Land: Icegrim

    Despite Gefaris’ nickname, he is quite a just lord. He believes that he should succeed Phlaw because he is the most senior of the lords. He has held a seat on Phlaw's council since the age of the Dragon (approx 75 years previous).

  • Graaver "Lightning-Bearer" Huntinghawk
    Race: Elf
    Land: Geosil - Some humid desert lowlands, scattered light tropical jungles into a central dense humid jungle.

    Graaver is the land's most talented archer. He prides himself on being the best archer in the 6 territories. His speed and accuracy with the bow earned him the nickname "Lightning-Bearer".

  • Cylent "The Desert Princess" Arcanegrin
    Race: Human
    Land: Eblmye - Dry Desert and temperate low lands

    Cylent is currently the only female lord of the countries, ruling over Eblmye. She has a strong following as she devotes most of the wealth to keeping her people happy and healthy. She has several spies in all of the other countries and as a results, knows a great deal more about the affairs of the world than the other lords.

Tower Defense Quest (TDQuest) has been designed for Tower Defense fans. The initial game guides the players in the ways of crafting towers and conquering territories in a medieval setting with orcs, wizards and other fantasy creatures. Several options will present themselves randomly throughout the game that will aid and hinder the player as the game progresses. Some of these random elements are Merchants that sell items to the player, Quests that appear for the player to complete and Enemy Invasions that will attempt to take over the player's previously conquered territories. Months will be used to represent turns and each month will end when the player defends or conquers a territory. Months will be used to track caravan locations on their routes, enemy conquests, quest time requirements, merchant movements and other time essential functions.

The player will start off with enough materials to craft 3 of each basic tower. After a short story, the player will be randomly placed on the world map and prompted to craft 3 of each tower. After crafting the towers, the player will be given a territory that they will have to defend immediately. The player will be taken to the tower defense game and given brief instructions on the map's objectives. In this case the objective will be to slay 10 enemies. Once the objective is complete, the player will have the option to clear the map or end the map. If they choose to clear the map, they will have to kill all enemies and enemy spawners, which can be achieved by placing a tower next to the enemy spawner and waiting for the tower to destroy the spawner.

At the map's completion, the player will be given level 1 and a skill point. The player will then be prompted to spend the skill point on the skills page. After the player has spent the skill point, they will be prompted to craft more towers and take over another territory. Each map will have different objectives that will be determined randomly. Objectives can be Slaughter: killing X enemies or spawners, Survival: survive for X minutes, Collect: gather X monster loot drops, etc. After completing each map, the objectives will shift. The player will lose the map if they lose their main camp by taking too much damage.

Conquering additional territories will yield resources for towers and give merchants and quests a place to appear. Merchants will sell various items to the player. Quests can be completed for XP and resources. Caravans will request secure routes through the country that the player will have to conquer to complete and once complete, the player will gain free resources as long as the route is secured. Enemy Invasions will attempt to take over the player's conquered by occupying outlying and single territories.

After the guided portion of the game is complete, the player will have sandbox access to the rest of the game. Random events will occur all over the world, but the player will only see those in the territories they control. The level system will not have a cap and the skills will grow increasingly more expensive as points are assigned to them. The player's immediate goal (game completion) is to conquer 3 countries. This will show them the game ending sequence, after which the player will be free to resume conquering the rest of the world.

Design Document : 35% Complete

Pitch Document : 75% Complete

Pre-Alpha : 15% Complete

Alpha : 0% Complete

Pre-Beta : 0% Complete

Beta : 0% Complete

Release : 0% Complete

Tower Defense Quest is designed for Flash and AS3. Visual assets will be stored in .swf format and accessed via ActionScript 3.0.

Sounds and music will be packaged with the game as external files located in the main directory.

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