Transformers: The Omnicron Threat

Currently in unversioned Alpha

Transformers is an MMORPG game with multiple worlds and factions.

Transformers: Omnicron Threat will be a very large and expansive game with multiple worlds that will have different levels and types of Transformers that inhabit them. This, in a way, will cross over the many ways Transformers as we know them have changed and merged with machinery and/or organic materials. Players will be immersed into a variety of game styles and transformation options depending on the faction(Autobot, Decepticon or a custom faction) and planet the player chooses. Players will be able to cross over into different worlds and battle the opposing players that might rule it at that time. Players will have to scavenge and collect materials in their world to build and add on specific items to increase their desired stats. There will also be the ability for a team/guild of players that work very well together and practice, to merge & create one large powerhouse of a Transformer.

Not listed at this time

Design Document : 90% Complete
Pitch Document : 10% Complete
Pre-Alpha : 10% Complete
Alpha : 0% Complete
Pre-Beta : 0% Complete
Beta : 0% Complete
Release : 0% Complete

Will need to get copyright permissions to start development of game.

Images from Transformers: Omnicron Threat

Here are some in game images, concept art and other visuals